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Mozilla’s Maker Party

Mozilla’s Maker Party has started with a bang! We’re only a few weeks into our 3-month celebration and thousands of people have already gotten together at events around the world — from India to Uganda to France — to help make the Web together.

Are you in? It’s easy. Join an eventmake something and share it with your friends.

The Maker Party is one of my favorite times of the year. In the past month, we’ve seen the Mozilla community rally to help computer science students in India start hacking the Web, teens in rural France use Thimble to remix movie posters and a dedicated community of Web mentors begin to emerge in Uganda.

Maker Party

There’s no end to Maker Party participants’ creativity. People are making websites withThimble, remixing videos with Popcorn Maker, creating fun animated gifs and even blending technology, traditional art techniques and…vegetables! In New York City, youth are producing fantastic projects like CityScenes, an app to help cyclists plan a scenic bike journey around NYC through landmarks like movie scene locations and monuments.

Sound like your idea of fun?! Join an event happening near you or, if you’re more ambitious, invite 5 of your friends over and host an event of your own. We’ve got guides to show you how and lots of projects — remixes, mash-ups, websites — you can all build together.

Whatever you build, make sure to share your work. Tag it with #makerparty and celebrate with other webmakers from around the globe.

The Maker Party runs until September 15 so there’s lots of time to join in. I can’t wait to see what you build!


P.S. — We work to ensure the Maker Party and our tools are free for everyone. Please donate today to help us empower a global community of people learning to code, remix and make the Web together.

Michelle Thorne
Global Events Strategist
Mozilla Foundation


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Coming soon… Popcornmaker and other videocasting tools. A breve…

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