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Corso: Teorie e metodologie dell’e-learning e della media education A.A. 2013-2014

Corso: Teorie e metodologie dell’e-learning e della media education A.A. 2013-2014.

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Teacher LEARNing, PD, CPD, Training….wotever! When are we going to get it ‘right’?




As you can see from those little images, all is not well in the State of Teacher LEARNing, PD, CPD, Training (delete as you “prefer”) – and not just in the sense that I outlined in my last post!

Indeed, when we try to speak to many TEACHers about their PD or professional LEARNing – more often than not, we get a response like this:

Dont make me use my TEACHer voice (TG ver)


But, maybe…that’s half the problem?


When we do ask TEACHers to use their voice on allthingsCPD, we tend to find that many of them are split into TWO camps:

CPD (two camps)

…but this is to the “untrained” ear!


When we dig a little deeper (and I’m more interested in the “unsmiley group” – that is the problem), what we actually hear them saying is things like this:

PD is crap 01

…and a couple of other things, too:

PD is crap 02


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Cosa è scoop.it e come può aiutare la tua brand reputation

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Scoop.it è una fenomenale piattaforma per il content marketing, che ti dà la possibilità di raccogliere e condividere online materiali rilevanti per le perso

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The Best of the Language Learning Web–

See on Scoop.itwebtools

Poplingual – What’s popping in the best of the language learning web.

Fabrizio Bartoli‘s insight:

Very good list!

See on poplingual.com


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