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The 5 Core Principals for Social-Emotional Learning

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The 5 Core Principals for Social-Emotional Learning ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning http://t.co/cdOFJhO9bg via @medkh9

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Manage Class Seating and Behaviour with Class Charts

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Class Charts is a free website that lets teachers manage their classroom seating charts online and add additional information about their students.

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Google Apps Marketplace – Engrade Gradebook & LMS – Free, Easy, Secure

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The past tense of open badges

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Some commentators are heralding open badges as the nemesis of the college degree. I don’t quite see it that way.

It is true they are uneasy bedfellows. As Mark Smithers observes…

“It’s interesting that the reaction to open badges from senior academic managers is often to dismiss them as being child like and akin to collecting a badge for sewing at scouts.”


“I also suspect that traditional higher education providers will resist providing them because they don’t fit in with traditional academic perceptions of achievement and credentialing.”

I wonder if these academics have consulted their own faculties of education?

Of course, open badges and college degrees are not mutually exclusive. If a particular university can overcome its initial prejudice, it will see badges for what they really are: representations of achievement – just like those pieces of paper they dole out at graduation ceremonies.

There is no reason why…

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Course Design in Small Bites – Tapas on Assessment and Activities


Tapas #3 & #4 of the Teaching by Design series examine assessments (from formal, graded assessments – exams, papers, projects to informal, ungraded assessments – also known as Classroom Assessment Techniques) and activities that will reinforce learning outcomes you have determined for your course.

Tapa #3 – Assessment

The Tapa #3 narrated presentation addresses key questions related to authentic assessment, assessments that ask students to demonstrate and perform their knowledge in a relevant, real-life context, which can help to increase student motivation.  Incorporating two examples demonstrating revision of “traditional” assessments into “authentic” ones, the Tapa addresses both formal and informal dimensions of assessment.

The informal assessments provided by CATs – or Classroom Assessment Techniques or CATs – are designed to provide feedback on how and what students are learning, and on how well they know and can apply course concepts. CATs offer faculty a lens into the how and what…

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