Zen Coding with Emmet – A real time saver

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If you have never heard before of the term “Zen Coding” or the plugin “Emmet” (for various text editors, including your own website’s text areas using JavaScript), then you are almost one step away from saving tons and tons of hours while coding a web project in your favourite text editor.

How could I define it?

It is easy to describe, sounds so simple once you catch the drift but I can only imagine the creativity and innovative thinking that the creators had to have to come out with this marvelous tool. It is basically based on snippets, using algorithms to make it more intelligent, and it also relies on math to create multiple elements.

It looks like CSS syntax, with parenthesis to group elements, brackets to set attribute values and curly braces to display content with spaces and possible syntax sensitive information.

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  1. Carina l’idea. Grazie

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