Sites to learn coding and web design


The proliferation of places that provide an interactive and complete platform to start learning from scratch for a low monthly payment (and a free engagement) is becoming a huge phenomenon, and those sites are a viable alternative to start embarking on the journey that is the world of web development and design. If you are looking for a site to learn coding, web design, HTML, PHP, JavaScript & jQuery, CSS, ruby, user interface & experience, wireframing and much more, these sites will help you accomplish your dream. There are certain things you can start doing before you start your learning journey (you can also improve if you already started):

  • Get a code editor with syntax highlighting. You can use Sublime Text, Notepad++, Coda, Textmate, Brackets or the one you see fit; you will learn more about this in these sites.
  • Prepare yourself, grab a notepad to jot down everything you…

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