Teach programming with a computer club

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For free websites where students can learn and practice coding in html or other simple programming languages your welcome to the following pinterest board programming-for-education

Per link su siti web dov’è possibile imparare a programmare può interessarti la bacheca seguente su pinterest programming-for-education.
See also – Vedi in particolare : mozilla e linguaggio Ruby per accostarsi alla programmazione in modo giocoso e coinvolgente.

Per costruire manualmente post inclusivi di link come questo guarda

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Good morning:

I wanted to show you how we teach programming in my classes. I don’t have time to teach much during class, so we do it before school in a club. We use free online websites for instruction. Then we award different belts depending on which of the codes the student masters.



 White belt = HTML

Yellow stripe = CSS

Green belt = php

Blue stripe =Python

Blue belt= Ruby

Red Stripe = scratch levels 1-3

Red belt = scratch levels 4-10

Black stripe = Javascript game

Black belt = API and app creation

  • 20 August – 26 August

    Week One


    This is a 14 week curriculum that covers HTML, CSS and the basics of JavaScript. During the two semesters, students will build several websites with HTML and style them with CSS. The sessions will end with making a small game in JavaScript, a versatile web programming language…

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