Everything NO Single Teacher Should EVER Want to Know About EdTech, Digital Literacy and 21st Century LEARNing…

Thanks for sharing. Learning, Teaching and EdTEch: risorse a tutorial essenziali ad ogni docente per apprendere e insegnare con le tecnologie digitali.




Now, some of you may have noticed (from my last 3 posts…and mini-dizi) that I have had my “techie” head on of late. But, I have to admit it is the “TEACHer LEARNing techie head” or (as I like to say…to convince myself, perhaps) my “THUNKing DOer techie head”!


Those last 3 posts were not just about the “tech” of Twitter– they were more about the capacity of a tool like Twitter to help us TEACHersLEARN, GROW…and get off the planet faster!

A tool is just as good as the purpose to which it is put…nuff said!


Twitter Blog Post 03 (21C Culture 3C ver)


However, I have been working on a little project (for a group of ELL/ELT professionals here in canım Türkiye) with my partner in “EdTech crime”Ana Cristina Pratas (our “Desert Rose”…

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