No 48. Make better powerpoint slides using an assertion-evidence structure

Very useful, thanks for sharing.
Suggerimenti per un più efficace utilizzo di power point e analoghi strumenti online di presentazione.

Classrooms and Staffrooms

If I ask a class to produce a presentation on a topic we are covering then students will on mass create slides with the following traps.

  1. Too many words on the slide which they will probably read as the feel supported.
  2. Many, many bullet points all aligned vertically which again the students will proceed to read through.
  3. A link to a youtube clip which will probably not load due to a slow network or a software compatibility glitch.
  4. Slides will contain writing pasted directly from internet sites.
  5. Diagrams and images often unrelated to the main message of the topic.

This list could go on and on……….. and all of these make for very dull presentations.

Boring class

After hitting the inspired button on the TED ipad app I came across a lecturer at Penn state university that gave a talk titled “talk nerdy to me” by Melissa Marshall. Meilssa describes herself a…

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