Summer as Course (re)Design Time – Drawing Inspiration from University-Based MOOCers


My three-part goal for the start of June MOOC-sparked blogging?

1.  To read through the 120+ resources tagged “MOOC” that are in my Diigo account.  (That soon-to-be annotated Diigo collection of the remaining bookmarks tagged “MOOCs” lives here.)

2.  To select 5 links to recommend as spurs to thinking about course (re)design – whether we’re teaching in campus classrooms still equipped with blackboards & chalk trays, or in rooms with some wireless access where we might conducted courses with inverted or hybrid or other eLearning/media rich elements, or from within fully MOOC’d or OOC’d capacities. 

3. To write a post that sketches why/how the select resources would be useful to course (re)design – again, whatever the course delivery location, mode or platform.  A bit of thinking aloud / allowed in the company of thoughtful peers.

Here goes!

I.  How Might We Learn from MOOCs in Setting Up  “Learning Management Systems” More about…

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