Hipsters and Hobos: Learning by Becoming in a Retro Virtual World

The Virtual World Educator


The following describes a pilot study conducted in Second Life with students at UNC Charlotte. It was conducted over several semesters, and later presented by Lorraine Stanton at Educause SE Regional Conference, May 30, 2013.

How the study came about…

After attending a faculty development workshop on Second Life, instructors in two undergraduate American Studies courses (about the 1950s and 1930s) wanted to use the virtual world to enhance their courses. With feedback from the instructors, the instructional designer (Stanton) developed virtual simulations of 1930s and 1950s towns, along with training materials and activities which would allow the student to have experiential learning about course-related topics. The students were expected to engage in social and self-guided activities in the virtual world, and later share their impressions about how using the virtual world impacted their learning experience.

The pilot study sought to answer…

  • How did students feel about learning…

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