Handwriting recognition, LaTex and more!

Mathematics, Learning and Technology

December 2014 – Note that MyScript now has apps for iPad and Android tablets.

A consistently popular post on this blog is that on online whiteboards. If I want to communicate mathematics online to answer a student query for example I find it quicker to use a graphics tablet and an online whiteboard.

I do keep an eye on various LaTex generators, one that has come to my attention is Web Equation; what I like about this is that handwriting is turned into LaTex (only one line at a time). The handwriting recognition is impressive and I found it easy using my graphics tablet to enter expressions accurately; see the quadratic formula below for example.

So you scribble an expression and it get turned into LaTex for you – it works:

$latex x^{2}+y^{2}=25$

$latex \dfrac {-b\pm \sqrt {b^{2}-4ac}} {2a}$

But I must confess I was just as excited…

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